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Welcome to DefCloud SafeBrowser
SafeBrowser is an innovative new service that helps you to keep dangerous viruses off your computer. If you thought that your installed antivirus alone could do that, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re quite mistaken. Antivirus applications only detect about 20% of modern malware floating around on the web. Antivirus apps are an old solution to an old problem (infected files), they are just not that effective at dealing with today’s threat; infected websites. A new approach is needed, and we think SafeBrowser is it.
Think Link!
The truth is most of us don’t stop and think about that link we’re about to click. That’s something we really all ought to do. These days, the easiest way for malware authors to get their viruses onto your computer is to compromise weakly secured web servers (which is most of them), and then wait for you to land on those servers. Viruses can then slip right past your antivirus and install themselves on your computer.
SafeBrowser to the rescue!
With SafeBrowser, you now have a tool and a service by which, together with your antivirus, you can defeat the malware authors and keep your computer safe. It’s generally safe to open the more well known sites directly in your browser, as shown here… The operators of these sites usually have more resources dedicated to keeping their servers secure and free of malware (we hope), so you have less to worry about.
But what about the smaller, less well known sites?
When you come across less well known sites (such as these), the safest way to stay safe is to open them first in SafeBrowser. Instead of clicking on the link or right clicking and opening in a new tab (1), right click and select the option 'Open Link in SafeBrowser...' (2)
What does SafeBrowser do?
SafeBrowser's server remotely and anonymously loads the page on your behalf, and then processes it removing all those scripts and plugins that could contain viruses. It then sends the 'cleaned' version of the page to your browser, reporting on what it did and letting you know the status and reputation of the site that the page came from (1), and any third party sites accessed by the page.
Another way to use SafeBrowser...
Is to actually start your search from within it. Simply select your favorite search engine, type your search and hit enter (1). Then, by right clicking on a link and select 'Open Link in New Tab', you can open multiple external tabs (2) in your browser for the larger more well known sites. Alternatively, using 'Open Link in SafeBrowser...'(3), you can open multiple SafeBrowser tabs for the less well known sites (4).
Don't trust, verify...
View the sites you opened in SafeBrowser tabs, 99% of sites will open just fine. Check especially the category and reputation (1) of the site you are visiting. Anything other than green means the site could potentially be risky to view outside SafeBrowser. But if the site you are viewing appears reputable, you always have the option to view the site in original form in a normal browser tab, just click this button (2).
Protected browsing with SafeBrowser
This site probably is safe, but you just can't tell. Its category (1) doesn't match its content and Its reputation indicates it may be having problems or it may have had problems with viruses in the past. Either way, the safest option is to view it in SafeBrowser, and only open it in a normal browser window if you really need to. However the Open externally.. button (2) is disabled for sites with lower reputation.
Want more information about the page you are currently viewing?
Click the 'i' button (1) to display the InfoBar. Here (2) you can see that the page contained and SafeBrowser removed 81 JavaScript code blocks, blocked 9 cookies and removed 99 comments! (which can contain viruses). Also note this page accessed content from two other servers (3), both reputable in this case. Pages from reputable sites sometimes access content from compromised 3rd party servers. SafeBrowser has the only web reputation service that can warn you about the 3rd party sites web pages access.
Enjoy protected, safe browsing with SafeBrowser
Don't browse unprotected, enjoy a safer browsing experience with SafeBrowser. Subscribe to get a higher monthly safebrowsing quota and support the development and running costs of this service.
We welcome your feedback
We're working hard to constantly improve SafeBrowser and make it more compatible with more sites. We've got some great ideas for the future but would love your input too. So please give us feedback. Thanks!
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