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The SafeBrowser Trial (free) service is limited to 200MB of browsing (about 200 average sized pages) per month. After signing in, please click on Account, SafeBrowser Usage to see your current usage level, or click on Account, Subscriptions to subscribe.

The SafeBrowser service has been developed (self-funded!) by a small team of developers over the last two years. While we are really happy with the growth and usage of this service, we can't continue forever offering this service for free. The service is also processor and network intensive, so our costs in just maintaining this service are rising.

Please help support the maintenance and development of this service by taking out a small subscription to SafeBrowser Pro.
A subscription to SafeBrowser Pro will...

  • Get you new monthly browsing limits (as per chosen tier)
  • Get the ads removed from SafeBrowser
  • Stop the Subscribe to SafeBrowser window from appearing every 20 page views (or 20 minutes)
  • Help pay for the server and infrastructure costs of running this service.
  • Help pay for the development of some great new features in the pipeline
  • Get better and more site compatibility

To subscribe, first Register, then Sign-in, then click on the Account option and then click on the Subscriptions tab

There are three tiers of subscription, which are available monthly or yearly and in pounds, dollars or euros.

Bronze Tier (2GB monthly) Silver Tier (10GB monthly) Gold Tier (Unlimited*)
MonthlyYearly MonthlyYearly MonthlyYearly
GBP (£)£2.99 £4.99£29.99 £49.99 £4.99 £7.99£49.99 £79.99 £9.99 £14.99£99.99 £149.99
EUR (€)€3.49 €5.99€34.99 €59.99 €6.49 €9.99€64.99 €99.99 €12.49 €17.49€124.99 €174.99
USD ($)$3.99 $6.99$39.99 $69.99 $7.99 $11.99$79.99 $119.99 $14.99 $19.99$149.99 $199.99

Now Available!

  • Pay safely online without a bank account or credit card.
  • Buy paysafecard and pay cash online.
  • Pay by entering a 16-digit PIN. Or sign up for my paysafecard and pay with only a username and password.

Thanks for your support...
The SafeBrowser Development Team

* Fair usage limits apply