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The DefCloud SafeBrowser service is an online Internet security service, web reputation service and safe web browsing service provided by DIGITALPLANET.IS LTD

Using this service, you can view any site free of JavaScript, Java applets, cookies, Flash animation and other potential sources of malware, such as viruses, trojans and worms.

This service is not meant to be used for shopping, banking, web based email services, or any other type of service where you may need to enter sensitive information into a web page. (see FAQ for an explanation why). Viewing products in shopping sites is fine, however you should not to attempt to or order products via the SafeBrowser service.

This website uses cookies to store some user preference information but not for tracking purposes. By clicking OK to these Terms and Conditions you agree to our cookie policy.

You agree not to use this service in order to circumvent legitimately placed corporate or other proxy servers or to try to view sites that you would otherwise not be able to view without this service.

You are responsible for ensuring that any person who uses the SafeBrowser service on your computer, through your internet connection or subsequent to you accepting these terms and conditions, is also aware of, understands and accepts these terms and conditions

You agree to respect the copyright of any websites that you visit using the DefCloud SafeBrowser service, notwithstanding your own fair use rights as defined by the common or statute laws in the country within which you reside or use this service from.

This service is under active development, which means from time to time the site may temporarily be unavailable due to upgrades. DIGITALPLANET.IS LTD will not be liable if the site is unavailable.

DIGITALPLANET.IS LTD does not accept any responsibility nor incur any liability as a result of your use of this site. You agree to limit your use of this site to view legal third party sites and to avoid any obscene, dangerous or illegal material. You accept that any material, information or content you view using SafeBrowser is the sole responsibility of the web site owner or author from whom the content originated.

You accept that you are solely responsible for any content you view or create using the SafeBrowser service and you agree to hold DIGITALPLANET.IS LTD harmless against any and all copyright or other claims that may be made as a result of your use of this service

You agree not to tamper with, alter, adjust, decompile or deconstruct the software used to provide this service.

You agree that by us stating that a website is 'Safe!*', we make that declaration within the best of our ability. Images can and sometimes do contain malware such as viruses. The DefCloud SafeBrowser does not scan images for viruses, therefore it is incumbent upon you to ensure the computer you are using to access the SafeBrowser service has a fully up date Antivirus application and that the operating system in use is also fully updated.

In order to understand SafeBrowser usage patterns we utilise Clicky to collect and analyse usage data. No personally identifiable information is collected by Clicky. To learn more please refer to their terms and privacy policy at https://clicky.com/terms.

The DefCloud SafeBrowser service is provided by DIGITALPLANET.IS LTD, a company registered in the United Kingdom and subject to English Law.